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Breast Pump Reviews > Bailey Medical Breast Pump Mom Submitted Reviews

Bailey Medical Nurture III Breast Pump

  • List Price: $155.90
  • Our Price: $119.95
  • You Save: $35.95

Average Rating:

Celine Puget - Humble, TX

Pump Rating:

"I would recommend this product to anyone. It’s affordable, light weight, convenient and did I say light weight. With all the baby gear I have to tote around it’s relieving to have a manageable pumping system that is so easy to carry. This breast pump comes with everything I need and once I’m through I can share it with my little sister who just became pregnant. I can just buy her a new collections kit and viola, baby shower gift taken care of."

Sherry M. - Athens, GA

Pump Rating:

"I had planned on renting a pump from the hospital but it was a big hassle. Then my best friend loaned me the Bailey Medical Nurture III and all I had to do was buy my own parts to use. This is the greatest thing ever. Being able to borrow a quality pump from a friend was convenient and much less expensive. This pump is easy to use and gives me total control over pumping. I would recommend it to any new breastfeeding mo out there."

Trish Carlson - Chicago, IL

Pump Rating:

"This pump is by far the best deal that you can get on a double electric pump. Not only is it small, lightweight and easy to use, but you can share it with a friend when you’re done with it. Everyone warns you about using a used pump, but this one is designed to work like a rental pump. Each mom just has to get her own shields, bottles, tubes etc., which isn’t a big expense.."

Bailey Medical Deluxe Nurture III Breast Pump

  • List Price: $199.99
  • Our Price: $159.95
  • You Save: $40.04

Average Rating:

E. Mosley - U.S.

Pump Rating:

"I personally like this pump. You have control of the suction and compared to other pumps it helped me increase my milk supply and maintain it. I think it works just as good as the other pumps a lot of my friends that use the more expensive only pump about a few ozs. I can get about more than them and this is the only pump that can get multiply users, which is approved by the FDA. If you massage your breast and control the suction correctly you can easily increase your supply. If not I have say that they are all the same Medela, Bailey, Ameada and if you need something more a hospital grade is what is needed."