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Medela Pump in Style Advanced

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Michelle B. - Madison, WI

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"I thought since the hospital used Medela that it has to be a great product Boy was I wrong It is loud Heavy and tends to leak in to the lines. Plus the plastic seems cheaper then other pumps. This product was a pure disapointment. Was so painful. Im actually going to find myself another one for my second child."

Christine Monroe - Omaha, NE

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"I have an 11 day old infant who is not gaining weight. The doctor told me to start pumping 3 days ago -- which I did. Unfortunately, the pump conked out about 5 minutes into the session. I tried again the next day -- the pump would conk out, or there would be no difference in intensity regardless of how high I put the suction. A call to Medela and I was told I would get a new pump -- after some prodding, the woman agreed to overnight it to me. Imagine my surprise when all I got was the cover for the diaghram. Another call to Medela: the rep talked me through replacing the dighram cover (she thinking that was the problem -- me certain it was not) and lo and behold -- nothing!!! The pump still didn't work. After I complained about expecting an actual replacement, her response was "The woman you talked to yesterday should have explained what she was sending." This customer rep has promised to send a new motor. Meanwhile, I have a newborn who is not gaining weight. We rented a hospital grade pump -- and frankly, I wish I had not bought the Medela pump and had just rented. The company's response to this problem is wholly unacceptable. If you are thinking about buying one -- only do it if you are totally established with feeding your baby. If there is a problem - it's not like you can just run to the store and exchange the product and it's not like the company is going to help you."

Laurie Rogers - Minneapolis, MN

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"This pump is definitely not what everyone else makes it out to be. I regret the day I opened this pump because once you “break the seal” it is no longer returnable. When I started looking for a pump everyone I spoke with said that this pump was the end all do all of personal pumps. I am really upset with myself for listening to what they had to say rather than evaluate whether it would be right for me.

I was not at all impressed with the quality of this pump when I received it. Especially since everyone said it was the best. The pieces seem to be made of a lesser grade plastic than all of the other bottles that I have.

I have had more trouble with this pump than success. Why is it that this pump has speed control, but only two suction options? The suction was always too much for me even after I’d been using it for a few weeks. Every time I used it there were twinges of pain in my nipples.

For some reason I have managed to get milk in the pump tubes on more than one occasion. You would think this is an odd thing, but in fact it is not because the pump instructions have detailed steps of what to do “if” it should happen. The valve membranes are also quite difficult to deal with. I have lost two of them down the drain, torn a couple and several have gone missing because my husband didn’t know what they were or how vitally important they are to the functioning of the pump.

In my opinion, the Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump is not worth it. I really wish I would have at least taken a look at the other pumps that were available. If I ever need another pump, I will definitely consider other brands because there has to be something better than this."

Krystal Jordan - Memphis, TN

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"The hospital I was at had a strong lactation program. The lactation consultant who worked with me when my daughter was born offered to help show me how the pump could work best for me. Everyone thinks about getting help with breastfeeding, but it hadn't occured to me until then to get help with the pump too!!! It helped alleviate so many of my concerns about using the pump correctly to get the most milk.

I was quite frankly intimidated by the whole process and it helped so much to have someone go over how the pump works with me. I've used it every day for almost 6 months and it has been a great pump."

Alicia Melancon - Alexandria, LA

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"I have had a Pump In Style Advanced for approximately 6 months. I've used it daily since returning to work and have generally been happy with it. Recently, the face plate of the pump broke such that I cannot use the pump. I called Medela customer service and was told that they only have a 90 day warranty. Eventually the rep agreed to provide a replacement faceplate but told me I would have to pay for expedited shipping. After I asked to talk to a supervisor, the rep eventually offered to provide expedited shipping without charge. Even with expedited shipping, I was unable to pump for a day. If I had it to do again, I would rent a hospital pump - they provide loaners and replacements same day. Medela makes you jump through hoops to get the pump fixed even when the pump breaks through no fault of your own."

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack

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Holly S. - Canton, TX

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"When I bought this pump I thought that I was getting the best. My sister in law raved about hers and said that everyone she knew had a Medela. So I figured why question it if everybody else says it’s so great. I was disappointed when I got it because it was a lot heavier than I though it would be. I couldn’t believe that I would be lugging this thing around everyday.

My disappointment continued when I tried it out for the first time – it was so loud. I kept trying to find a way to make it quieter because I didn’t want everyone at work to hear it while I was pumping. I figured that I would eventually get used to the noisy motor, but the painful suction was another thing. The switch between the 2 expression phases is too drastic for me. I always tense up when I know that it is about to switch because it pulls and pinches too much for me.."

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

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Sarah M. - Denver, CO

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"This is a great pump for occational or part time use. The softfit breast sheilds are SUPER comfy to use and the pump itself is very tiny and portable and has excellent pumping action with 2-phase technology which is supposed to mimic how baby eats. I have used it as my second pump as I am currently renting a Symphony (hospital grade). This pump won't help establish a supply or maintain one, but its great to have at home (the Symphony stays at work) for some extra pumping if I need it. The valves/tubes are not compatible with the Symphony but the bottles, sheilds and bottle caps are compatible. All the new Medela nipples also fit right on the pumping bottles. The cary bag is also very roomy and zippers shut. I will keep using it long after I quit pumping. And the extra cooler bag is also awesome to have. I store any milk I pump at night in the bag and don't have to run down to the fridge at 3 AM. I also use it when I go out for extended times and need to keep my milk cold."

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Metro Bag

  • List Price: $399.99
  • Our Price: $329.00
  • You Save: $70.99

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Jill M. - Little Rock, AR

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Medela has an awesome reputation for being "The" breastpump to have. I find it to be painful and uncomfortable and I get more milk with my Avent Isis hand pump than I do with the Medela. As another reviewer said, the bag doesn't stay closed. As a breastfeeding mom, I don't really want everyone at work to see what's inside my bag. Addtionally, the bag is heavy and unwieldy. I really wish I hadn't spent the money on the Medela- it truly was a waste.