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With the help of our customers, here are our top selling breast pumps.


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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump View More Info
Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump View More Info
Philips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump View More Info
Ameda Purely Yours Carryall Review View More Info
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Our Highest Rated Products by Brand


Average Rating

Highest Rated Ameda Breast Pumps

"I've been really happy with this purchase. Perfect for mamas that are mainly nursing and want to use this as a back up. Love the design for the one handed pump. Easy to clean and you can use most other brands of bottles..."

Average Rating

Highest Rated Avent Breast Pumps

"This has all the features I needed. It is comfortable and easy to use and get used to. It's battery pack for pumping on the go is great too! Easy to clean and disassemble/reassemble. I definitely recommend it..."

Average Rating

Highest Rated Bailey Medical Breast Pumps

"I would recommend this product to anyone. It's affordable, light weight, convenient and did I say light weight. With all the baby gear I have to tote around it's relieving to have a manageable pumping system that is so easy to carry. This breast pump comes with everything... "

Average Rating

Highest Rated Lanisoh Breast Pumps

Average Rating

Highest Rated Medela Breast Pumps

"I thought since the hospital used Medela that it has to be a great product Boy was I wrong It is loud Heavy and tends to leak in to the lines. Plus the plastic seems cheaper then other pumps. This product was a pure disapointment. Was so painful. Im actually going to find myself another one for my second child..."

Average Rating

Highest Rated Simplisse Breast Pumps

""Prior to trying the Simplisse, I had two other manual pumps, but it was always too painful for me to pump a bottle for my little girl. I'd usually resort to manual hand expression after pumping for only a few minutes. I'm guessing that the suck-and-release that they mention the other kinds of pumps use was the problem..."

Average Rating

Highest Rated Hygeia Breast Pumps

"I originally purchased a manual pump, but I soon realized that it was taking up more time than I liked so I thought an electric pump would do the trick. I chose the Hygeia Enjoye because it seemed to be the best option for me since it comes with a 3 year warranty..."

Average Rating

Highest Rated The First Years Breast Pumps

"I was able to use this pump for a few months before it began to give me problems. The motor stopped working, but on the bright side when I called First Years about it, they sent me out a new one so I'm still able to keep pumping. I find that the soft breast shields..."


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Breast Pump Features

Be sure that you know which of the following pump features are most important to you, and which you are willing to give up before you begin to evaluate how each of the different pump models will meet your pumping needs.

Pump Aspects to Take Notice of When Reading Reviews:

  • Effectiveness – Is determined by how well the pump is able to draw milk from the breast. Generally, the closer a pump's cycling speed (how many sucks per minute) and vacuum strength are able to mimic a nursing baby the more effective it will be at expressing milk.
  • Type of Pumping – Single pumps, both manual and electric, allow you to pump one breast at a time. Double pumps give you the option to express milk from both breasts at the same time, which helps to stimulate milk production and shortens the time needed to pump.
  • Comfort Level – If the pump is uncomfortable, it will be very challenging for you to use. Being able to adjust the pump's cycle speed and vacuum strength is the key to achieving an acceptable comfort level.
  • Portability – How much does the pump weigh? Is it difficult to carry from place to place? Does it come with a bag or tote for packing motor and extra accessories? Does it provide a compartment or cooler for storing and cooling expressed milk?
  • Power Options – Several power options are available for electric pumps including AC adapter, battery power and car adapter. If you travel often or will need to pump in various locations, having alternative power options may be a necessity for you. While manual pumping can be tiresome, it can be a lifesaver when other power options are not available.
  • Motor Noise Level – A noisy pump motor can be a distraction to some moms while some moms worry that discretion will be compromised if those near by will be able to hear the pump.
  • Durability – Each pump is designed to handle a certain amount of pumping. Some pumps are for occasional use while others can be used several times a day everyday for a year or more. Choosing to use a pump designed for occasional pumping several times each day may cause the pump motor as well as other parts to wear out quickly.


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