Ameda has been a leader in the breastpump industry with over 60 years of dedication and commitment to nursing mother's everywhere. Today, Ameda features nearly a dozen breastpumps in their product line dedicated to the comfort and efficiency needed for successful pumping. Read more about Ameda Breast Pumps


Ameda-Egnell has been a trusted breast pump name in hospitals for over 50 years. In 1956, the first hospital grade pump the Ameda SMB was developed by Einar Egnell. Today all of Ameda’s breast pumps continue to rely on the technology developed by Egnell.

The Ameda piston breast pumps are designed to better simulate a baby’s natural nursing rhythm. Experts consider piston pumps to be more effective at expressing milk than diaphragm pumps.

All electric Ameda pumps use the FDA approved HygieniKit milk collection system, which preserves and protects the purity of expressed breastmilk. The patented silicone barrier of the HygieniKit is what makes the Purely Yours pumps so easy to use and clean. The tubing of the Purely Yours pump never needs cleaning and it fits all standard bottles and freezer bags so it is great for working moms.