Heartfelt Memories from Real Breastfeeding Moms

In the Middle of the Night submitted by Brianne L.

There are so many wonderful memories I have when I was breastfeeding both of my boys. From the first time I held them close and they latched on the right way to the last days when I felt their independence growing and nursed them mostly for comfort. I loved nearly every minute of my nursing days but my most favorite time to nurse both of my babies was in those wee hours of the morning when they woke for their feeding.

I remember hearing their little cry from the other room and knew it was my cue and no one else's. I would drag myself sleepily to their beds and gather them into my arms. At that moment there was no one else in the world that they wanted to see and no one else in the world prepared to give them what they needed. The world was dark and hushed and it was a time for just me and my baby to do our jobs. Though it was a time of the night when most people would like to be deep in a peaceful sleep I was relishing in the bonding experience that was so special to me and my baby boy.

My first son was the type of feeder who ate in little 10 minute bursts every two hours. This was his schedule for the first year of his life and therefore mine. Even after we had weaned at 18 months, his time clock was still set to the same schedule as it had been when he was nursing. It took a while before he started sleeping for hours at a time during the night and honestly even now, six years later he still wakes up throughout the night. I spent many years without a full night's rest tending to this child. Some of those nights were spent more frustrated than the rest. There are still the night's when I wake up to his calling or his tapping on my shoulder and seeing his little sleepy face that still looks like it did when he was my tiny, nursing baby reminds me of my fortitude in this area.

My second son has been quite a different experience altogether. Our first night home with him he went from a calm and quietly born baby to a wailing mess! Of course my milk had not come in yet and he was only getting the bit of colostrum he supposedly needed for satisfaction. I should mention he latched on perfectly mere minutes after he was born and never faltered afterwards.

So, despite the common conception that babies get enough to satisfy their hunger from breastmilk alone, even before it has arrived, I felt that my new son was hungry. It was just this intuitive feeling that he was screaming for food! So, I wasn't going to give him any formula especially not this early (anyway, I had none even if I wanted to) so we filled a cup with a bit of filtered water and gave him about an ounce with a bulb syringe and that did the trick. He was out....for hours!

This night with my second baby was completely indicative of the past 15 months with him. He eats and eats a lot! He eats ferociously and with intent at every mealtime and sleeps for hours at a time. But for the first six months with him to I would wake up once in the night to feed him and put him back to sleep until morning. It was such a special time and I looked forward to the waking and feeding my little lion. His sweet satisfaction once he is full is written all over his face in this peaceful little grin.

I will cherish forever the bond that was created during my breastfeeding sessions with my boys. The intimacy, comfort and benefits are irreplaceable for both of us. Those nights are now behind me when I could steal some indulgent alone time with my babies but as they grow bigger and brighter each day, those memories remain. I can still climb into their rooms as they sleep and realize the preciousness of such an intimate moment without feeling the drag of lost sleep in the morning. Sleep may be more important than some things but more important than my comfortable, dreaming boys...I think not.


The First Moments submitted by Julianna F.

I miss those first moments. The first first time you hold your baby and bring them to your breast. Watching your body nourish your baby. The first few weeks I would stay up just to watch my baby girl sleep and anxiously wait for that next feeding. It is the most rewarding feeling knowing what you are doing for that small helpless little blessing. I have been co-sleeping and breastfeeding for 10 months now and I hope to keep it up for as long as I can or at least until another baby is on its way. I encourage all women to breastfeed their babies. Not only is it an incredible bonding method but the benefit it has for your child is amazing. My baby has never been sick and is so advanced for her age already. Though I don't consider myself a militant breast feeder that just whips out the boob anywhere, I cover up and feed my baby when she needs it. I have dealt with "anti-breast feeders" that just don't accept it period and think nursing is disgusting on its own. Well to each their own, I am content with my decision and I know I am doing the best thing for my baby. So my advice....give it a try it's worth the benefit!


Bed time submitted by Danelle T.

Even though my daughter is 2 1/2 now, I still remember when she was just born and I would sit on the bed at night and feed her before putting her down. It was one of my favorate times of the day. She was so small in my arms, but it was great. I did have one big problem though and that was remembering what side she last ate on, so I started to lay her faceing different ways in the crib at night. If she last fed on the right side, I would lay her with her head on the right side on the crib. It really helped.


Going to USA submitted by Marina D.

My story could be little long...I'll start from my marriage...I met my husband overseas in Uzbekistan...We been in love since we saw each other first time...I got married and in about 4 month I got pregnant. I gave a born on March 2006 and on April I have to go to anothercity it's1,5 houron a plane. I was breastfeed my baby and I can't leave him with my mom so I took my baby with me to get a visa to USA...It's wasdifficult but For my baby I want the best and I know how it's important to my baby health a breastfeeding...Unfortunately I can't get a breastpump in my country so have to feed my baby anywhere if he wants to eat. After that I head a long flight to USAit's about 18 hours...In my country people don't shy to feed baby anywhere but my husband didn't like me to feed my son anywhere...Thought he wasn't around and I was going on to feed my baby when baby wants. I believe that it's very good for immune system for the baby I was continuous to feed my son till 1 year old. And believe me he wasn't seek for this year no one time and his health is strong now. I am pregnant right now again. My due is in October and I am sure I am gonna feed my new baby with a breastmilk!!!


Special Moments submitted by Patti G.

Breast feeding was not only a way to provide my child with the healthiest diet but it was a way for him and I to bond. It was relaxing and made me calm and warm. Having him there so close and so tiny was the best feeling in the world. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that I was taking a part in making him grow up strong and healthy. I am so proud of how he has grown. He has a wonderful wife and they are blessing us with a grandchild. I know she is looking forward to having those same experiences and feelings I had when I bonded with my son.


My Tandem Nursing Story submitted by Suzie G.

My daughter Samantha took to the breast list a pro when she was born almost three years ago. I planned to let her self wean and when I found out I was pregnant June 2007 she was stil going strong nursing three times a day. She was a little over a year and a half old so I had hoped she would wean by the time her new sibling was born, but that was not the case. Her brother was born in February of 2008 and Samantha came to visit me once during the two and a halfdaysI wasaway from her in the hospital. The day I came home with Miguel I went upstairs and sat on our bed to nurse him while his dad unpacked our stuff. Samantha was afraid of him but the minute she saw this little "intruder" on her "boo" she scrambled onto the bed and before I even had time to react she pulled my shirt down and latched onto my other breast.

I had a feeling the night I went into labor that I'd soon be nursing two children, but it still took me by surprise how awkward it would be to get them both comfortable. It's not easy having a baby laying on your lap and maneuvering a toddler so they aren’t squishing the baby. After a few days we got it figured out and Samantha would play with Miguel’s toes or touch his hair while they nursed together. Every half hour she would come and remind me that baby wants to eat (way more times than he needed to) just so she could nurse with him. She became a helpful big sister and nursing the two of them was a wonderful bonding experience. Samantha now nurses once a night for two or three minutes and with her third birthday approaching I wonder if she’ll be weaned by then. She’s no longer interested in nursing while “baby brother” is nursing.

Typing this story brings tears to my eyes since it feels like only yesterday I had both of them on my lap together, Miguel looking up at me with his little hands resting on my breast and Samantha on the other playing with Miguel’s feel and gazing lovingly at her new brother. On one hand, I’ve been waiting for her to finally wean and on the other it makes me sad because it’s one of the only things she still knows since the day she was born. I do know that when she’s finally ready I will cry, like I am now, but I’ll be proud that she’s taking such a big step to becoming independent. I’ll still have Miguel, my little nursling, and all the memories that breastfeeding brought us. I wouldn’t mind tandem nursing again if we have another baby in the next two years if Miguel hasn’t weaned by then. In fact, I’m looking forward to that.


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