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Top 20 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby

Susie Hamilton Breast Pumps Direct Product Expert

by Susie Hamilton
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Breast milk’s boasted superiority over formula often raises questions from concerned mothers who want the best for their children. One of the most common questions is ‘Why is breast the best?’ To help answer this question we’ve compiled a list of 20 reasons to breastfeed.


Top 20 Reasons to Breastfeed:

  1. Most nutritional way to feed an infant – Composition of breastmilk changes overtime to adapt to a growing baby’s needs.
  2. Not only satisfies hunger, but emotional needs as well – Helps mother to develop a strong and unique bond with her baby.
  3. Reduces your baby’s risk of developing a childhood illness – Breastfed babies are less likely to develop Crohn’s disease, diabetes, asthma, SIDS, or develop allergies.
  4. Enhances cognitive development – The lower IQs found in formula fed babies are said to be a result of insufficient nutrition.
  5. Leads to less fussy eaters later in life – The flavor of breastmilk changes according to the foods that the mother eats, which can make for an easier transition to solid foods.
  6. Protects against obesity – Breastfed babies regulate their own feedings from the beginning, which helps them to develop healthier eating patterns as they grow and develop.
  7. More easily digested than any formula – Babies are able to digest 100% of breastmilk which leads to less spit-up and burping, the same cannot be said for formula.
  8. Breast milk contains endorphins – These hormones suppress pain naturally and can easily comfort a sick infant.
  9. Breastfed babies have better speech development – Bottle fed babies often attempt to slow the flow of milk which can result in tongue thrusting problems.
  10. Helps shrink uterus back to pre-pregnancy size – Release of the hormone oxytocin during breastfeeding encourages uterine contractions that shrink the uterus.
  11. Help you to lose pregnancy weight – Breastfeeding and milk production burns an additional 500 calories each day.
  12. Reduces mom’s risk of cancer – Mothers that breastfeed are less likely to develop breast, endometrial or ovarian cancer.
  13. Natural birth spacing for the first six months – Applies to those mothers who exclusively breastfeed (no supplements of formula or solid foods) and whose menstrual periods have not returned.
  14. Breastmilk tastes better – Has a sweet and light taste unlike formula which can be bland and pasty.
  15. Milk will not stain – Inevitably some spillage will occur while feeding an infant, breast milk doesn’t leave stains on clothing or other fabrics unlike formula.
  16. Like a natural tranquilizer for both baby and mom – The closeness and cuddling associated with breastfeeding can easily calm a fussy baby and the release of prolactin allows the mother to relax.
  17. Easier and less time consuming than formula – Always fresh, clean, safe and at the right temperature, plus it’s free.
  18. Breastfed babies have a pleasant smell – They smell better and diaper changes are less harsh when compared to those of formula fed babies.
  19. Nights are less stressful for both mother and baby – Baby’s needs are met more quickly since mom doesn’t have to prepare a bottle which decreases the infant’s crying and fussiness.
  20. You cannot overfeed a breastfed baby – When breastfeeding an infant will stop nursing when he or she is fully satisfied; however, bottle fed infants are encouraged by parents to finish a bottle at each feeding.


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