Breast Pumps Direct; Where Healthy Babies Begin Choosing to breastfeed your newborn is a very important decision and selecting a breast pump that meets your needs is an integral part of that process. The right pump can have a big impact on the success and longevity of your breastfeeding journey. At Breast Pumps Direct, we're committed to helping you select the right breast pump for your unique needs.

Top Accessories and Spare Parts

Below are our top four categories that moms frequently shop. Browse for parts and accessories to help keep your breast pumping journey running smoothly.

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A Chance to Choose Program

Trade up your insurance-provided breast pump and choose the best pump for your needs. At Breast Pumps Direct, we will provide you with special pricing toward the pump of your choosing, and your traded-in pump will be donated and distributed to a mom in need via our charitable partners. You get a choice -- they get a chance.


Instant Access to Premium Pumps

Follow the link below to access special pricing and select the new pump of your choice. There is no need to send in your donated pump until you receive your new pump.

Donate for a Discount

When you donate your breast pump through our program, you will receive exclusive access to premium pumps at a special discount.

The Smarter Choice

We offer the latest premium breast pumps from all of the major brands. Our friendly customer service team can help you select the best pump based on your unique needs.

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