Trade-Up and Help Out

Select a premium pump of your choice and receive instant trade-in credits when you donate your insurance-provided breast pump.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Select your current breast pump brand and receive access to special pricing.

Step 2

Choose your desired breast pump and complete the checkout process.

Step 3

Receive your chosen breast pump and ship your donation pump with our pre-paid shipping label.

Chance to Choose is right for moms who:

  • Don’t like their current pump
  • Want a smarter pump at a discounted rate
  • Want to help a mom in need
Get Started

Moms are constantly faced with making decisions - especially early on when it comes to your baby’s nutrition and wellbeing.

Imagine if every mom had the chance to choose better for them and their baby. Many moms don’t have access to clean water to mix formula - or have a breast pump to leave milk for their baby while they are at work. The hope of the Chance to Choose program is that every mom around the world should have access to a breast pump to establish and maintain a healthy breastfeeding relationship.

If you received a basic insurance-provided pump - you now have a smarter choice. You can now trade-up your existing pump for access to special pricing on a new, premium pump of your choosing.

And the best part? Your traded-in pump will be donated to our charitable partners and distributed to a mom in need, allowing them to provide the best start for their baby. You get a choice, they get a chance.

When you receive your new pump, you can send in your old one to be donated with our prepaid shipping label.

Instant Access to Premium Pumps

Access to special pricing - select the new pump of your choice. There is no need to send in your donated pump until you receive your new pump.

Donate for a Discount

When you donate your breast pump through our program, you will receive exclusive access to premium pumps at a special discount.

The Smarter Choice

We offer the latest premium breast pumps from all of the major brands. Our friendly customer service team can help you select the best pump based on your unique needs.