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The Companies Behind the Brands

With so many brands, types and models of breast pumps available it can be hard to know which will best fit your lifestyle. Knowing who the company is that manufacturers the breast pump and what other products are available to go with the pump can be helpful when you are making your selection. We’ve compiled information about each of the major pump manufacturing companies for you.


Ameda Breast Pumps

Ameda manufactures specialty medical products for mother and baby care including breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories under the Ameda brand name. 

Einar Egnell helped to develop the first hospital-grade electric breast pump, the Ameda SMB, in 1956. The Ameda-Egnell breast pump name has been trusted by hospitals for over 70 years.

Products in the Ameda Mother and Baby Care division include hospital grade breast pumps, personal use electric and manual breast pumps, breast pump accessories, breast care products, pump cleaning products and breast milk storage bags and bottles. For more information about Ameda, visit the company site at

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Ardo Medical

Ardo medical AG is a Swiss family company, now in its second generation, which has dedicated itself wholeheartedly to developing, producing and distributing breastfeeding aids and medical technology equipment. Ardo is a global supplier of breastfeeding products that can be found in over 30 countries.

Reliability and product benefits are always the key focus. Ardo focuses its existing wealth of experience on breastfeeding aids, as well as suction technology and neonatology. Visit the company site at


Medela Breast Pumps

Medela was founded in 1961 in Switzerland, Medela has been a major supplier of breast pumps in the U.S. for over 30 years. Medela is divided into three different product divisions, which include breastfeeding, neonatal and suction. Medela’s first hospital grade pump the Classic was introduced in 1980.

Products in the breastfeeding division include hospital grade breast pumps, personal use electric and manual breast pumps, breast pump accessories, maternity and nursing apparel, breast care products, pump cleaning products and specialty feeding devices. While Medela has long been the most poular brand of breastpump, their popularity is quickly fading due to their failure to develop a closed system of pumping. For more information about Medela, visit the company site at

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Avent Breast Pumps

Avent has been a leader in infant feeding products for years, and it is the fastest growing infant feeding brand in the world. The short, wide-neck bottle was an innovation from Avent, and it created a new trend in the infant feeding market. Avent’s manual pump the Isis was introduced in 1997. In 2005, Avent launched its line of innovative electric breast pumps.

Avent’s infant feeding products include a full line of personal use breast pumps, breastmilk storage systems, disposable and reusable feeding bottles, spill-proof toddler cups, nursing pads, pacifiers, bottle warmers and sterilizers. For more information about Avent, visit the company site at

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Playtex Breast Pumps

Playtex has been a manufacturer of infant feeding products for more than 40 years. Playtex Products Inc. manufactures a variety of consumer products including Feminine Care, Skin Care and Infant Care. The Nursing Necessities line of products was introduced to the market in March 2007.

Playtex’s infant care products include breast pumps, disposable feeding systems, reusable hard bottles, cups and mealtime products, pacifiers, diaper disposal systems and infant carriers. For more information about Playtex, visit the company site at

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Hygeia Breast Pumps

Although the Hygeia brand is relatively new to the market, it is quickly becoming a clear front runner in the breast pump industry. In an attempt to take a progressive step forward, Hygeia is the first breast pump company to give moms the opportunity to try out their pumps on a trial basis to see if the pump works for them. When a mom buys a Hygeia EnJoye pump, she’ll receive an unprecedented three week window of time to use the pump while still retaining the option to return it for a refund.

Hygeia’s line of pumps includes hospital grade pumps as well as personal use electric and manual breast pumps. Both their hospital grade and personal use electric pumps are FDA approved for multiple users. For more information about Hygeia, visit the company site at www.hygeiababy.

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The First Years Breast Pumps

The First Years breast pumps are affordable electric pumps that are quiet, compact and comfortable. The miPump line of breast pumps replaces the Natural Comfort and Easy Comfort electric pumps that were previously offered by The First Years. Although the miPump line is relatively new to the market, these pumps have already begun to receive higher ratings and better reviews than previous models offered by the brand. The First Years is a popular brand of infant care and feeding products that is a part of the Learning Curve Brands, Inc. For more information about The First Years, visit the company website at

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Are You Still Undecided?

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